Our Expertise


Security Threat assessments

Information Security Threat Assessments are one of the first steps when analyzing a clients IT Infrastructure. The threat assessment process evaluates the potential vulnerabilities facing your web properties.

Our expertise covers web applications, web services (eg: SOAP/REST Services) network infrastructure, and publicly available information about the organisation that an attacker can leverage to gain a foothold and begin the process of attacking the organisation. Our IS Threat Assessments deliver an objective, unbiased report detailing possible areas of weakness, and further testing that may be required.


Penetration testing allows an organisation to assess their risk of exposure in the event of an attack. For example an attacker may be able to leverage a vulnerability allowing them unauthorized access to Non-Public Personal Data. This data is then misused in a variety of ways, including cases of identity theft, which can have lasting effects on victims. An effective Penetration Testing Program as part of a complete Information Security Policy is essential for the protection of any organisation which utilities technology.


Social Engineering Exercises attempt to manipulate an organisation’s employees into giving an attacker unauthorized access to confidential information. This tests the organisation's Information Security Policy, and their employees’ adherence to that policy. Our testing will identify failure points and provide advice and key information for strengthening information security policies, and training staff in order to prevent an actual breach.


In the event of a data breach, Our team can help identify the source of the intrusion and evaluate how to best safeguard your system from future attacks. We collect and examine physical and digital evidence to uncover important information about an incident to determine where and when an incident occurred, as well as how it happened. We can determine what data was compromised and whether digital evidence was erased or modified, recover data, and recreate events and exchanges so that you have an accurate diagnosis to develop an effective recovery plan.

We offer a full range of investigative resources for an effective investigation and prosecution of cyber-crime, ranging from data collection and analysis to conducting fraud and internal investigations. We combine computer forensic expertise with traditional investigative methodology, including interviews and surveillance in order to retrace the behavior of people may have had access to protected or proprietary information.

Remediation Advice

Detailed advice for the remediation of weaknesses or vulnerabilities discovered as a result of our assessment of your IT Infrastructure are supplied within' our report, these recommendations are straight forward, and easy to follow. structured in order of seriousness. 24/7 Support is available to help implement, and maintain the security improvements that we recommend,