Do you know how secure your digital assets are?

You wouldn't go home at night, without locking up your business premises, would you? 

Think of your organisation’s digital infrastructure as a collection of valuable assets that need to be protected in the same way that any physical asset would be.

With a multi-disciplinary systemic approach we assess the risks faced by the organisation. This overview allows a more detailed plan to be developed, for assessment of physical data, and equipment, to mitigation of risk, and protection of digital infrastructure.

Any business/institution with a network should consider our services we with tailored Information Technology Security Assessments, Computer & Network Analysis, Penetration Testing, Investigations, Incident Response, and Policy Development. 

Our mission is to raise awareness, and compliance in the field. Information Technology is a consistently changing field, securing these systems required a multidisciplinary approach, with a broad range of interwoven systems, all of which have their own vulnerabilities, or the combination of several of these systems could open up a possible security issue, these types of issues are especially common, and can only be determined by a highly experienced security analyst.


Large corporate's and financial institutions have the facilities to ensure their digital assets are protected by top flight security. Yet the cost of a breach is much the same for small to medium sized organisations. Unfortunately the "She'll be right" attitude simply wont cut it, pro-active security is the only way to guarantee protection. Although the risk is intangible, the losses are in-fact very tangible.  



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